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Wayne Bonlie, M.D. – New Paradigm Wellness

Wayne Bonlie, M.D. is a family practice doctor focused on providing holistic medical care, and he is passionate about blending the best care available from multiple sources. Spending ample time with his patients in order to fully assess their individual issues, Dr. Bonlie aims to treat the whole person, not just the illness. Wayne Bonlie, M.D. has experience working with patients from all walks of life and suffering with a number of conditions and ailments. Dr. Bonlie relies on cutting edge holistic and comprehensive treatments including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to treat his patients. As a Bioidentical Hormones specialist serving the Greater Baltimore Maryland area, Wayne Bonlie, M.D. has helped countless men and women overcome their health issues through rebalancing and optimizing hormones with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Wayne Bonlie, M.D. understands that each person is unique, and he works with patients in order to tailor a regimen that will benefit and improve their personal health.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Balanced moods
  • Increased libido
  • Improved sexual function
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Healthier sleeping patterns
  • Increased vitality
  • Higher bone density
  • Reduced hot flashes
  • Fewer night sweats
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Thicker hair
  • Improved memory
  • Lower risk of strokes
  • Reduced depression
  • Fewer menopause symptoms
  • Reduced perimenopause symptoms
  • Reduced risk of estrogen dominance

Background & Experience

Wayne Bonlie, M.D. of New Paradigm Wellness in Timonium Maryland has had a strong interest in medical science since childhood. He followed his passions through college majoring first in physiology and then pursuing higher education as a medical doctor. Dr. Bonlie served as chief resident while completing his post graduate work, and went on to open and operate a family practice clinic of his own. He has served as the Medical Chief of Staff for a hospital and contributed time working with local hospice organizations. Dr. Wayne Bonlie currently owns and operates New Paradigm Wellness in Timonium Maryland where he finds his greatest satisfaction in helping patients find personalized solutions to their health puzzles.