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Rafael Cruz, M.D. – Jeffersonville Indiana Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Jeffersonville Indiana Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Rafael Cruz, M.D. at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine aspires to reverse and reduce the effects of aging and disease in his patients. He believes your body has incredible restorative powers, but may have lost some of that function due to age, weight, environmental factors, or imbalanced hormones. His mission is to provide the body with everything that it needs to heal itself. His treatments help your body move, perform, and regain the healing properties that it had in abundance when you were younger. Taking a patient-centered approach to healing, Dr. Cruz’s philosophy is to provide men and women with the right tools that will help the body heal and regain lost function, improving their overall health and wellness. His focus is on using integrative medical treatments that restore overall health, energy, and strength. Dr. Cruz has helped vast amounts of men and women to recover from the effects of aging with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Services Offered

  • Addiction Therapy
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • E.D. Treatment
  • IV Therapy
  • Ketamine and Depression
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • PRP & Stem Cell Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine

Rafael Cruz, M.D. at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine Reviews

“My hormones had left the building along with my love life. I had gone to other Hormone Centers, but they either gave me too little or too much and I felt lousy. Finally, I found Dr. Cruz. He monitors my hormone levels closely and adjusted everything, so I am back to my romantic and energetic self. My wife can really tell the difference in my mood and energy.”
– Don

“I have been treated by numerous physicians for my hormone challenges. My symptoms were not well controlled until I worked with Dr. Cruz. He adjusted my medications and I finally said goodbye to hot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness, low sex drive and poor focus. My quality of life is better than ever and all my girlfriends tell me I am at my best.”
– Karen