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Irving Restituyo, M.D. – New Bedford MA Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

New Bedford Massachusetts Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Irving Restituyo, M.D. at Primal Paleo MD understands that aging is a normal process, but it doesn’t have to steal a person’s vitality. With over 10 years of medical experience, Dr. Restituyo has seen the dramatic changes that can occur in men and women that recapture their youth and restore hormone balance with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. He customizes his treatments for each patient to help them realize maximum benefits. And Dr. Restituyo knows that most age-associated ailments are simply due to hormone deficiencies caused by a lifetime of exposure to toxins. When these hormones are accurately restored, the result is a satisfying life full of energy and health.

Services Offered

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Body Composition Optimization
  • Gut Health
  • Sexual Health Treatment

Education and Experience

Irving Restituyo, M.D. is a multilingual and dedicated physician who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, and has been certified in medical aesthetics since 2009. Dr. Restituyo has competed in multiple triathlons throughout the years, and each time, he complained of back pain. He has tried different diets, exercises and even hired a personal trainer, however, his back pain continued until he discovered the PrimalPaleo lifestyle. Since becoming primarily paleo, he was able to apply his knowledge and experience to a new approach to his life, breaking previous indoctrinations. He has not complained of back pain since converting to the PrimalPaleo lifestyle and even finished his first full Ironman 140.6 in July 2017 at Lake Placid, New York.