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Marcia Scoville A.P.R.N. – Salt Lake City UT Bioidentical Hormone Specialist

Salt Lake City Utah Bioidentical Hormone Specialist Marcia Scoville A.P.R.N. at All For Women Health Care is a medical practitioner that works exclusively with women. She focuses on unique issues of hormone imbalance and provides routine gynecological care. Her office is a calming environment for consultations that promote wellness, recovery, and life balance for her patients. She understands that women have complex lives and complex hormonal challenges and has designed her practice to allow all the time needed for customized, individual treatment. As a fully licensed advanced practitioner, Marcia Scoville provides the very highest level of personalized care for her patients. She takes time to listen to your concerns and symptoms, she tests your hormone levels at the right time in your cycle to get accurate results, she takes the time to explain your results and different treatment options, prescribing personalized medications just for you, and she takes the time to research and share information with you on your specific symptoms and concerns.

Services Offered

  • Annual Physical Exams
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Birth Control
  • First Gynecologic Exams
  • Mission Exams
  • Mood Disorders
  • Premarital Exams

Background and Experience

Marcia Scoville, A.P.R.N. is a specialist in natural hormone balancing and has been providing women’s health care for over 25 years. She graduated from the University of Utah in 1988. She then went on and taught in the nurse midwifery and woman’s health nurse practitioner programs at the University of Utah for 12 years before leaving to start her own private practice.

She started All for Women Health Care in 2002 in order to devote more time to treating and educating women about their bodies and hormonal issues. Marcia Scoville treats women of all ages who are having problems associated with hormonal imbalance. At All for Women Health Care she is able to take the time she needs with each of her patients to adequately assess problems in context for each woman. She is dedicated to offering women options for getting better, and that takes time.